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BTC Trends Review – There is no doubt that online trading is a very efficient way to make profits quickly if you play your cards right and trade smartly and carefully. More and more people have started to jump into this industry and the number will only grow moving forward. That said, an important thing you should know if you are interested in online trading is that it is vital to select the right trading platform where you have to register your account. Only then you can begin your online trading journey.

Since most of the trading firms online do not have a credible reputation, it is imperative that you only sign up on a platform that has a strong reputation in the financial market and offers all the necessary services to its traders. If you are looking for such a platform, I would like to recommend the BTC-Trends trading platform. I have been trading with them for quite some time and from my experience, they are very competent, efficient, reliable, secure and provide a number of trading opportunities for everyone.

Whether you are an experienced trader or a newcomer in the industry, BTC-Trends will prove to be a very good choice for you. This article is a detailed review of the leading features of this platform which makes it one of the best places to trade online. Read on to learn more about BTC-Trends and what it has to offer to its traders.

BTC-Trends Review
Broker BTC-Trends
Assets Crypto, Commodity, Stocks, Indices
Leverages Up to 1:400
Trading Platform Mobile, Desktop, Tablet
Encryption Yes
2FA Authentication Yes
Account Types Micro, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum
Min. Deposit 5000 Units of Base Currency
Customer Support 24/7 (Phone, Email, Callback)

Trading Software Compatibility

In the digital world of today, individuals switch between devices regularly when they are on the internet. Online traders do the same thing when they are trading. It is quite common for traders to use different devices in the same day to login their trading account. What that means is that it is of paramount importance for the trading platform to be compatible with all kinds of modern devices people are using these days.

I would like to point out that the BTC-Trends online trading platform is fully compatible with laptops, tablets, smartphones and desktops. Therefore, you may login your account from any of these devices, anywhere and anytime you want. Just how convenient is that! The developers have designed the trading software in a way that makes sure that no matter which device you use to trade online, your trading experience will be absolutely flawless without any issues. You will not have to experience any delays or glitches in your trading screen which adds to the trading experience.

Whether you use your smartphone while you are travelling or your laptop at home, you can rest assured that you will be able to trade without any bother. Lest by chance you run into some problem (the likelihood of this happening is very low), you can contact the customer team who will fix your issue for you.

Apart from device compatibility, the user interface of the BTC-Trends trading software is very simple to use as well. If you are a beginner having no prior experience in using a trading platform, you do not have to worry about navigating the BTC-Trends platform. The interface of the software has been designed to keep user friendliness in mind and you can find your way around with no troubles at all. All tabs and options are clearly laid out and the aesthetic design of the software is very appealing as well.

Educational Resources

Educational materials are a very crucial resource for any online trader, especially the newbies who do not have any prior experience in online trading. Although most trading platform have an educational center, it is not likely that you will find more insightful and detailed learning materials than the ones available on BTC-Trends. From pricing patterns and trends of various trading instruments to training videos and economic calendars, you will find everything on BTC-Trends that you can leverage to increase your trading knowledge.

You will also find several online trading tips and tactics that you can use to trade more wisely and smartly. As a result, you can boost your chances of maximizing your profits by making astute trading decisions.

There is also a trading glossary that you can refer to anytime you want when you come across a certain trading terminology that you do not comprehend.  Apart from this, when you sign up on BTC-Trends, you will have access to all the latest financial news that will enable you to keep pace with the recent developments in the online trading world. Moreover, you can also study the features, pros and cons of all trading instruments. This information is present in the BTC-Trends education center that you can use to make informed decisions regarding which trading options are best for you to invest in.

You should also know that all resources on BTC-Trends have been put together by experts who have complete know-how regarding online trading. Therefore, you can trust the authenticity and accuracy of all the information and be sure that none of the details will be misguiding in any way or contain factual errors.

BTC Trends crypto trading

Payment Channels for Transactions

It is common knowledge that making frequent withdrawals and deposits is a regular job of any online trader. Hence, it always helps to have multiple payment channels to choose from so that you can pick the one that is most convenient to you. When there is just single banking option available, that can be quite a bother for most traders.

When it comes to BTC-Trends, all traders have the convenience of choosing between credit cards, debit cards, 3rd payment tools like Skrill and bank transfers to make their regular transactions. You may choose whatever you are comfortable with to wire your funds. From my personal experience, credit card is the best option if you are looking to make a small and swift transaction. When you use a credit card, you can wire your funds on the same day itself so the waiting time is minimal. On the other hand, if you want to wire a large sum, then bank transfer is probably your best bet. Just keep in mind that a bank transfer can take up to 5 working days so you need to make your plans accordingly.

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All available payment modes are very easy to execute as well. You just have to tap a few buttons and type in the amount you want to withdraw or deposit. That is it! After you press Enter, you can wire your funds easily. You do not have to go through the time-consuming process of filling out long and complex payment forms which is indeed very tiring!

Another impressive feature is that no matter which banking option you select, you will receive an automatic notification in your email every time you make a transaction. So for every deposit or withdrawal you make, you will be notified. You can use these alerts to track all your finances and ensure every cent of your funds is accounted for at all times.

Low Fees

The fees that a platform charges its traders is one of its defining features. This feesis in terms of spreads and commissions. You may not be familiar with these terms if you are new to online trading. Spreads are basically what you compensate your broker with for every trade that you execute on the platform. Commission is different from spread and is the amount that the broker keeps from your earnings for each trade that you make.

High spreads and commissions means that your own profit margins will be low since you will be paying more to your broker. Therefore, every online trader wants to sign up on a platform where they can enjoy low spreads and commissions.

When you trade on the BTC-Trends platform, you will have to pay very minimal fees to your broker. That allows you to grow your profit margins quickly while the broker receives a small cut. In addition, you do not have to pay any extra fees for every deposit or withdrawal that you make. In other words, BTC-Trends does not charge you for any transactions. What’s more, there is no hidden fees involved of any kind that the broker might spring on you at any time. All the fees are clearly outlined in the terms and conditions so be sure to study that.

Cryptocurrencies Available on

Types of Investment Trading Accounts

It is true that majority of trading platforms only provide a limited number of trading accounts to users. When this happens, the trader does not have the flexibility to sign up for a particular account that best aligns with his or her investment budget. These limited types of accounts more often than not have a high deposit requirement that small treaders are not able to afford.

BTC-Trendsis well aware of this issue and that is why they offer 5 types of trading accounts that you can explore on their website. The accounts include Micro, Basic, Silver, Gold and Platinum. All of these account types have different deposit requirements and features and you can select the one that you prefer most.

For instance, if you are looking to expand your online trading portfolio by investing in multiple assets and have considerable investment to boot, I would suggest that you sign for either the Gold or Platinum account. Although these 2 types of trading accounts have a high deposit requirement, they allow you reap maximum profits quickly by distributing your investment among various assets. In addition, you can will have access to extra features like a dedicated account manager and priority customer support when you sign for any of the top-tier accounts.

On the other hand, if you are not much of a risk trader and want to begin trading on a small scale, then the Micro trading account is a good choice for you. You can start trading with just 5000 dollars which is an affordable amount for most traders. After you wire your funds in your investment account, you will have access to all the basic trading tools and you can start to trade without any delay.

Finally, if you are uncertain as to which trading account type is ideal for you, you can seek advise from your broker who can guide you best depending on your investment budget and other online trading goals.

Client Service

An online trading platform’s customer support service is an extremely critical feature and in order to bolster their reputation, it is imperative that a platform provides top-class client service to all its registered traders.

You should know that when it comes to customer support, BTC-Trends does not compromise in any way. Their representatives are dedicated towards providing professional and prompt customer support to all their traders. They work round the clock from Monday to Friday and strive to answer any kind of queries or concerns that you may have. Regardless of which stage you are in your online trading journey, you may approach their customer team for any help that you want. Whether you have a general question regarding the education resources available on the platform or a technical query pertaining to any of the trading instruments, BTC-Trends has you covered.

Simply write them an email or give them a call (if you want immediate assistance for something)to contact the BTC-Trends customer team. You can rest assured that one of their people will get back to you very quickly after you contact them. As per my experience, they respond within 1 business day so you will not be left hanging for too long after you reach out to them regarding anything.

What’s more, the BTC-Trends customer team comprises trading experts and account managers who only know everything about online trading but are experienced in providing customer support services as well. Therefore, you can be certain that any information or help that you get from them will be 100 percent accurate and reliable and not misleading in any way.

Security Features

Apart from the abovementioned features, it is just as important for an online trading platform to have tight security feature integrated in their system. Traders count on this security all the time and expect to be able to trade in a safe environment where there is no risk to their funds or sensitive information that they share on the platform. Hence, every trader wants to choose a platform that prioritizes its security over everything else.

I would like to highlight that when you trade on BTC-Trends, you will not have any reservations or issues with the security elements at all. They take great pride in their security and have incorporated the latest safety measures in their database to protect information of their traders. For example, they use the most advanced version of encryption technology to encrypt user data. This encryption makes sure that no 3rd party is able to make sense of any of your details so even if they do try to access it, it is going to be meaningless to them!

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Apart from this technology, BTC-Trends has also integrated a powerful firewall system in their database. This firewall blocks any attempt made by a cybercriminal, hacker or some other intruder to break into the trading network. If that were to happen, you may risk leaking your sensitive information and BTC-Trends firewall ensures this never happens under any circumstances.

Moreover, there are verification processes in place as well that are in place to verify the identity of every individual who registers in the platform. Once your identity is verified, only you will be allowed to login your trading account. This feature makes sure that you do not fall prey to identity theft when you trade on the platform. Also keep your login details such as the password and username strictly to yourself so that no on else tries to access your information with your credentials.

Algo Trading

Algo Trading

In case you are new to the online trading domain and are not aware already, algo trading is a very innovative feature that some trading platform supports. BTC-Trendsis one of these distinguished platforms and anyone can leverage this algo trading feature to streamline their trade making process.

So what exactly is algo trading? To put it in as simple terms as possible, algo trading is the process of a computer program making trades on your behalf. How this works is that you provide the program with trading instructions which the algorithm then utilizes to analyze and execute trades on the platform. Therefore there, is no need for you to sit infront of your screen on a daily basis and make trades manually. The computer program does this job for you and you can sit back and enjoy all your profits!

Furthermore, another advantage of making use of the BTC-Trends algo trading feature is that the computerized program can analyze pricing charts and execute trades at a very fast speed that you cannot match if you were to trade manually. What this means for you is that you can place maximum trades in the shortest period of time and consequently grow your profit margins very quickly as well. Also, the program operates very efficiently and all the trades it makes are accurate depending on the pricing trends of the assets. Hence, you can rest easy that you will waste your investments making bad trades with the algo trading feature.

Overall, BTC-Trends algo trading feature is perfect for you to use if you have a busy lifestyle but are still interested in trading online. Since you cannot carve out the time in your schedule to invest towards online trading, you can easily let the computer program do most of the work for you while you tend to other important activities in your life.

Trading Instruments of Platform

It is always beneficial for an online trader when he or she has a number of trading instruments to choose from on the platform. When there are only limited options available in this regard, you can just invest in certain assets and cannot grow your trading portfolio as much as you would like.

When you choose to trade on BTC-Trends, you will access to several trading instruments. Whether you want to invest and trade in stocks, indices, cryptos, future or just about anything else, all of these trading options are available on the BTC-Trends trading platform. There is also no limitation as to how many trading instruments you can select to invest in. Whether you are a professional trader or have just signed up on the platform, you can choose to invest in how many investment tools you like.

If you are uncertain as to which trading tools are ideal for you to invest in, I would recommend that you consult with your broker or account manager in this regard. They can professionally guide you about the best choices available for you depending on how much funds you have and what your trading goals are. Another thing you can do is do your own research by studying about the various trading instruments available on the platform. Here, the educational resources will prove to be very advantageous for you where you can read up on the pros and cons of all trading options.

Finally, no matter which trading instruments you ultimately choose to invest in, you can be certain of the fact that you will always the backing of BTC-Trends and they will support you in every possible way.

Bottom Line

Overall, when you consider everything, BTC-Trends is a splendid online trading platform that surpasses expectations of its traders. Although there are many professional trading firms in the market, BTC-Trendsis undeniably on of the better ones. It includes all the important features and then some to ensure that your trading experience is always a positive one. I would suggest that you head over to their website, and sign up for one of their trading accounts right away if you are serious about online trading. Furthermore, if you still have more questions by the end of this review, you can contact their customer team for further assistance. Happy trading!